Steel Coffin: Americas automobile Addiction

At the corner of Ashland/Division/Milwaukee
there is an "L" stop, three bus lines and a four cab, cab stand-#243. Without exception during rush hour there is always more than four cabs parked at this stand with buses, cars and bike left to weave around them.

On July the 23rd, I am just south of Division headed north up Ashland where I see a bus at the stop by the Nelson Algren fountain. Of course the bus is going to move out into traffc so I slow and wait for the mass transit. I am riding my three-speed, 1966 Schwinn Racer. As the bus moves there is the SIXTH cab at a four cab stand. This one, Checker #5172, swerves left behind the bus and just about hits me. I slow down and tell this guy that according to the sign there are only four cabs allowed to stand there and that he almost hit me because he was breaking the law. He looks at me and moves forward. I then pull up and show him the sign and ask why he is parked in the crosswalk. At this point he starts to yell over and over "Fuck you, fuck you! Who are you to tell me the law".

I pulled out my mobile phone and called my friend Al at the Taxi Commission and reported another of Chicagos worst drivers.