Steel Coffin: Americas automobile Addiction

This morning I had a close encounter with an extremely hazardous driver. Yellow Cab #3488 nearly hit me at Clark and Wilson about 8:30 this morning. I was on my bike, southbound on Clark, waiting for the red light at Wilson to change, stopped in the right lane. As the light was about to change, the cab appeared, accelerating towards me at approx. 40+ mph. It appeared that he was trying to do a quick swoop into the right lane to pass the few cars stopped at the light who were continuing south on Clark. He had to hit the brakes so hard to avoid hitting me that the nose of his car dived nearly to the ground, there was a loud screech of brakes, and he left rubber on the pavement. As I rode away from the light, he made no attempt to pass me, but stayed right on my tail. I was yelling at him to get away from me, but he continue to pursue me. I hit the brakes and veered to the side to fall behind him. He stopped in the street in front of me. When I tried to continue, he blocked the lane. I tried to pass him and he forced me across the center line, hanging out the window, arm sticking out, waving his middle finger in my face. He continued to harass me for nearly a block. I kept yelling at him to go away and he stayed close, veering across the center line to push me further over. I finally had to go all the way to the curb between parked cars on the northbound side of the street to get away from him. I called 911 immediately. Other drivers witnessed the exchange, and one of them also called 911.

Needless to say, I did not get a look at his ID in all of that, as I was afraid he was going to run me over. He was a dark-skinned black male, approx. 25-30 years old, with hair in short locks, approx. 5'8"-5'10", thin build.

I hope that I never see this maniac on the road again, and I hope that none of you get the kind of treatment I got this morning. My throat still hurts from screaming at the top of my lungs.