The advertising of automobiles is one lie after another.

The ads on television all show this really amazing stretch of road with the most beautiful vistas and then try to make you believe that this will be your experience as you drive in from Schaumburg. What a load of crap! Hell half of these ads have been shot outside the United States and virtually all snow commercials are shot in New Zealand.

Imagine if Ford had to show the Excursion being parallel parked in any major city, they would never have sold a single one. Most Indian reservations in the southwest US would kill to have a school bus as big as the Excursion.

Allied automobile advertising is just as bad. Look at the tyre commercials that have cars zooming all over some completely desolate city streets. It's no wonder that all these fuckers seem to think that they have a g-d given right to drive as fast and as hard as they want. "If I saw it on TV it must be true". I think it is time for some truth in advertising.