Red lights. You would think they were an option and not law.

The bastards that run red lights should have their heads examined. There are a few different types that do this. The reckless bastards are the drivers that floor it and then hammers the horn when they are 20 feet from the intersection and blast through the red light under full acceleration. Then there are the drivers who follow the car in front of them into the intersection and then the light changes and other users of the common resource are made to wait even longer for their turn through the intersection. Worst of all are the rude bastards that are still way behind the stop line and then still proceed to make their left turns after the light has changed. Invariably this is the cager that gets caught halfway through the intersection and snarls traffic in both directions. There is nothing more delicious than sliding past this bastard on your bike and laughing at them as everyone else is honking and swearing. Add a mobile phone to any of the preceding scenarios and you have the recipe for disaster. I can think of at least on intersection in the city of Chicago that has a turn lane with a specific arrow and sign that says "left turn on green arrow only". For some reason drivers feel that this does not mean them. I suppose that in my 'hood it could be a language thing.