While I was riding home the other day I looked up to find a Chicago Police Department paddy wagon going south on Milwaukee with both officers on the phone. Though I think that everyone should be able to make personal calls at work. The behavior is certainly not safe while driving such a large vehicle. I have noticed that police officers rarely use their turn signals. You would think these professionals would want to be as safe as possible.

As I ride to and from downtown on most days I pass the local Police station. Two one-way streets on the north and south a two-way on the west ring the building. The front faces an arterial and is right next to an L stop. Regularly as I am headed east in the morning I am passed by some car going like a bat-out-of-hell. In way too many cases I find this driver pulling into the Police station's parking lot. One morning I confronted the driver of a blue Chevy Suburban in the parking lot. He had just run the stop sign at the two-way and rushed past me to make the left. When I asked him if he saw me he went for his "personal" nightstick in his "personal" vehicle. I got his plate and called the Office of Professional Standards.

Today as I was making the left from the arterial to the one-way, westbound I was going to drop below a pedestrian that was northbound. Both of us had to stop in our tracks because some fucker in a bright yellow Jeep CJ forgot to yield the right-of-way to us. As I headed westbound following the yellow Jeep CJ he accelerated and then made a left into the Police station parking lot. And what do you think the bastard did…cut off two pedestrians, one going each way on the sidewalk across the entrance to the parking lot. This was a repeated action that speaks volumes about the type of person this driver was. "Keep away because I have more might than you" said the yellow Jeep CJ.