Steel Coffin: Americas automobile Addiction

Today as I was going home I came around the corner from north Milwaukee west onto Armitage. As soon as I went through the apex of the corner I found a virtual parking lot headed east. As far as I could see there were steel coffins holding their breathing corpses staring at me on the antidote. This is really amazing as there is pretty good mass transit available on Armitage and at the corner of Western and Milwaukee. As I looked back there was no traffic behind me due to the cagers. With fresh blacktop beneath me I punched it kicking the pedals over and over, laughing out loud into my next turn at Stave when I realized that this project should not be called Turn Signal but really Steel Coffin. A much more versatile title…Steel Coffin: America's automobile infatuation.

It was not until later the next week that I learned about the awesome site CARS-R-COFFINS. Do check it out.